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We feature a large selection of Futons for a Variety of Taste and Styles. Don’t  see what you like? That’s No Problem! Eclectix offers You Your Choice of Futon Mattresses,  Frames, and Over 60 Different Upholstery Choices! Come In Today and See Why Eclectix is the Leader in Custom Futons!

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Your Choice of Futon Mattresses Including:

  • New Gel Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Inner Spring Mattresses
  • The Pocket Coil Mattress
  • Traditional Foam and Cotton Mattresses

Choose From a Huge Selection of Futon Frames Featuring:

  • Traditional Hardwood Frames Such as The “Canterbury”
  • Contemporary Frames Like The “Zen”
  • Chair Frames.. Great Looking Chairs That are More Than a Chair
  • The Rustic Western Look of The “Tahoe” Frame
  • Bunk Bed Frames and Day Bed Frames
  • Studio Value Frames

Over 60 Custom Fabrics To Choose From For Your Futon

Eclectix is Denver’s Home to the Most Extensive Collection of  Fabrics, Leather, and Upholstery to Outfit Your Futon In! The only way to Truly Appreciate the Vibrant Colors, the wide Range of Textures and Fabrics to Mix and Match is to Come in and See Us Today!

Not Your Fathers Futon

Futon is a term that describes bedding that adopts Japanese style. It consists of mattresses that are stuffed and some blankets. These are easily folded for the purpose of creating room for other purposes. The blanket and stuffed mattresses make up the futon. Originally, these were designed for the purpose of placing them on the floor and they could also be folded to storage in closets. Futons also used to be placed outside in the sun and regularly beaten in order to get rid of any dirt or dust. Currently, the futon has undergone numerous changes and it is seen as an essential addition in many homes. Variety of Sizes Currently, futons come in a variety of sizes and these include double futons, futon beds and single futons. Thanks to this diversity, it has now become possible for individuals to choose sizes that compliment their needs and the space they have available. Since their early days, these have evolved and with the western futon version, you can rest assured of finding several modifications. The design of western futons is clearly defined by the placement of metal and wooden frames which can be used as a couch and bed. The frame can be easily folded in the middle and this makes it easy for the futons to stand in as couches. Another feature that has evolved is the thickness and size. The western futons are not only thicker but larger as well as compared to the original Japanese style. The styles are also designed in a manner that increases the appeal of any room or decor and it is precisely for this reason that they have become an important addition in most homes. For those who want to experience a whole new sleeping experience or decor  futons is an ideal choice. They are especially known for their comfort and ability to deliver a good sleeping experience on the floor. It is the functionality of futons and the affordability that makes them popular among many buyers. The mattress and frame are sold as a set and they are especially preferred by people who live alone like for instance, college students. However, the look of futons has changed and it is now possible to get some smart and beautiful variants in the market. Consequently, they have become a favorite among people who want to enhance the appeal and look of their study or living rooms. The Benefits The evolution of futons has also brought with it numerous benefits and top on the list is the quality. Futons are designed using high quality materials and as such, they are easy to maintain. These have fast replaced bunk beds or are often incorporated into the design of bunk beds. If you have unexpected guests, these can also double up as beds thus ensuring that everyone is comfortable. Futons are also available in a diverse range of colors and this is another aspect that makes it a smart choice. Buyers can opt to settle for conventional futons if they are certain they will work for them. Despite all these benefits, there is the misconception that futons are not comfortable. However, this could not be further from the truth. With all the advancements been made to ensure that the designs, styles and colors of futons compliment individual needs, there is no doubt that they will continue to be a hit. As a matter of fact, when serving as beds, they are just as comfortable as regular beds and at times, they even surpass them. These are easily available in local stores as well as online aspects that further make them endearing among buyers. Above all, the futons sold at Eclectix will not only meet your needs as far as design, style of mattress, but provide years of comfort and enjoyment in your home.

Eclectix The Home of Custom Futons

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